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June 12, 2014

The Thingy That Does So Much For You

There's a thingy that does a lot for you in your house (now, I should point out, not all people have it). Many of us probably take this thingy for granted... Let me explain in detail:

Definition of the Thingy: Aka. ~2.45GHz Self-contained electromagnetic radiation bombardment chamber. Appropriate for dielectrically heating polarized dihydrogen monoxide molecules by means of passing non-ionizing microwave radiation through organic, non-metallic substrate within the ~122mm wavelength range. 
More Commonly Referred to As: A microwave
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Have you ever really thought about the glory that is the microwave? It came to my mind recently when our microwave of about 7 years decided to abruptly give up its ghost and die. We were able to get another one within a few days, but until then I found myself realizing how convenient it is to have a microwave.

The Things I Couldn't Do

  • Reheat old coffee (gack, who even does this anymore!)
  • Melt cheese - this required the stove-top and a pan 

Those are really the two main things I use the microwave for, aside from heating up odd bits and ends of strange food items. Needless to say, I could live without a microwave in the house - it's just convenient...especially when it comes to left over coffee (I'm not really one to let a cup go to waste if it's luke-warm or cold). 

That being said, I conclude my PSA on microwaves. I hope you take the time to appreciate the little things in life today :) 

Signed with a leaf, 


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