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June 27, 2014

Ultraviolet by Owl City - EP Review

Some of you may or may not be aware of exactly how much I love Adam Young (aka. Owl City). He's best known for his big hits Fireflies and Good Time, the latter of which featured Carly Rae Jepsen. That's beside the point though - the reason I write to you is because Adam just freshly released his new EP, titled Ultraviolet, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it!


  • Beautiful Times
    • The first song on the album features violinist Lindsey Stirling (she's amazing). It's a wonderful tale epitomized by this part of the bridge: 
When did the sky turn black? And when will the light come back? 
    • Beautiful Times brings us the story of reality. Life is hard and it will cause us hurt and pain along the way. However, no matter what our struggle might be, it is our instinctive human desire to fight for life - at the end of every night there is morning, and so it is with suffering. Every hardship is followed by a "beautiful time", no matter how small or insignificant that moment might appear. 
    • The music is upbeat, followed by calmer points of musing. The violin blends in so well that I barely noticed it. The part that drew me the most (with this song and with Wolf Bite) is the glorious bass - I adore the's what can make or break a piece for me, and this song has definitely been made. 
    • Overall, I give this song 4/5 stars

  • Up All Night
    • This was the song I most anticipated on the album (followed by Wolf Bite). It makes me think of Adam's old his albums Ocean Eyes and All Things Bright and Beautiful. The start of the chorus is definitely the attraction for me, mainly because his voice sound so crisp and epic: 
You were my clarity, I swear - all alone in a daydream. Yeah there was magic in the air, and you were right here beside me. Held down like an angel with no wings, I want to fly again; I just can't get you off my mind, and now I'm gonna be up all night.

    •  Up All Night is so unique and crisp sounding. It makes me think of biting into a fresh apple straight off an orchard tree. Knowing that Adam has a soft side, I believe this song is about falling in love with the idea of someone. Perhaps that someone doesn't even know you love them, but you think about them at night, often enough that it's almost as though they're present with you...but you're only disappointed when you emerge from your daydreams. Or perhaps it is a song about loving someone that's no longer around to receive your love (someone that moved far away, or maybe a friend that passed on). In any case, it's a fascinating little unrequited love song. I really like it :D mostly because Adam's voice just sounds amazing
    • The music is perfect for this track. It's sparkly, vibrant, crisp (how many times can I use that word and get away with it?); it's everything I was hoping for this EP. The harmony is edgy and the drums and bass are absolutely delightful - and the piano is wonderfully enchanting. This is by far my favourite song on the album (although, really, Wolf Bite is amazing too). 
    • Overall, this song definitely gets 5/5 stars!

  • This Isn't the End
    • This is the only genuinely sad song on the EP - I knew it was coming, but when I finally heard it for real, I was wowed by the story Adam tells. 
When the rain falls down, when it all turns around - when the light goes out, this isn't the end.
    • He first starts off with a heart-wrenching story of an 8 yr old girl who has a panic attack because her dad leaves - on the outside she tries to appear happy, but inside she's breaking down. At first I wasn't certain if the other two verses were connected with this one, but the more I look at it, it seems they are. So, the story goes on to say that the father of this girl was a really nice guy; everyone liked him, but he struggled with depression. Despite ensuring his family he'd be fine, he only sank deeper and deeper into darkness, until he took his own life with a gun.
      Next, Adam sings that this man didn't deserve to be a father because he left his little girl, never to come back again. Over the years, the daughter suffered intense pain, but she eventually was able to forgive her dad for taking his own life, and that's marked the point she was able to start healing.
      Adam closes the song by reminding us that we don't know when the end will be - none of us can determine when one of our friends or family members might pass away and so we need to make the best of each moment we are given. We need to stop taking life for granted. He concludes that we need to fight to survive; just when we think we're at the end of the rope and we can't go on, we need to remind ourselves that this is simply a beginning to something greater, not the end. 
    • The music accompanying this sad song starts off by reminding me of a horse plodding along down a road (that would be the drums) - this effect continues throughout the song. The chord progressions are generally minor in nature; however, I was amused to see that Adam strategically placed certain sombre sentence ends over major chords, resulting in a generation of hope. I thought it was very well written :)
    • Overall, I give this track 5/5 stars

  • Wolf Bite
    • This is the song you've heard me mention a few times now - it's wonderful and I can't exactly decide whether it's my first or second let's just say it ties with Up All Night :P
It's another bad dream, poison in my bloodstream. I'm dying but I can't scream; will you show me the way? 
    • As the title suggests, this song is laced with metaphors that relate to wolves. The chorus appears to be a plea for direction and guidance, no matter what the circumstance might be. I know Adam is a Christian (he expresses that without reservation on his blog) and while most of the songs he writes are a little vague when it comes to his beliefs, I can definitely see connections in this one. So, from that perspective, I believe this is a call out to God, asking him to be the guide in the middle of a world full of wolves (temptations?). I also particularly enjoyed his modernization of the Biblical passage about wolves in sheep's wool; Adam sings: 
It's another werewolf, all dressed up in sheep's wool - changing when the moon's full, will you show me the way?

    • Here he seems to be asking God to guide him, because somewhere out there, a werewolf dressed in sheep's wool (thus a two time over impersonator) is prowling about, interested in taking advantage of those that don't have a guide. I was rather awed at how Adam fit such a strong message into a catchy song. 
    • The music is delightful, upbeat, and, as I've mentioned already, very catchy. I've listened to this song at least 30 times since it was released - it's amazing. Adam's voice is amazing and everything just fits together wonderfully. I also see he's fit in a few mock-drops that give the song an almost dubstep-esque feel to it :P *claps*
    • Overall, I give this song 5/5 stars :D

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review :D If you're interested, I've posted a couple links below that you can check out!

To look at (and potentially purchase) Ultraviolet check out this link: Ultraviolet on iTunes 

Check out Adam Young's blog here: ayoungblog

Follow Adam on Twitter: @owlcity

I hope you guys have a superb day! 
Signed with daffodils,


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