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February 10, 2015

Of Home & Hearth - Yet Another Life Update

Hello all,

  It's been a while, has it not? I sometimes feel I should write more but whenever I get the breathing room to do so, I tend to slump back in my skin and cringe at the thought of penning more words. So what exactly is it that I've been up to?
  Well, I'm working on my MSc (Master of Science) degree right now, in neuromuscular physiology and sensorimotor neuroscience. It all sounds so big and hefty, but really I just read a lot of primary research literature and sometimes shock people with electrodes or magnets to try and tease out answers to the inner workings of the human neuromuscular system. The key thing is that I do a lot of reading...and note taking...and hence a lot of writing; I've not escaped the utterly somber draping presence of words since I started. It's not like a fictional book though, where the words refresh and excite the imagination - it is exciting (after all, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't), but it's a sort of draining excitement that leaves one ragged and wheezy in the brain.

  My mom says I should be writing on the side - I say I should be submerging myself in a hot bath and eating fudge, or adventuring in the great wilderness for several months. However, before you begin to wonder if all is lost, I admit I still read fiction as much as I can (I just finished Andrew Peterson's The Warden and the Wolf King, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl's Golden Daughter, both of which were stupendously fantastic). I haven't written much of anything though - even to journal my own daily adventures, I've dwindled down to managing one day a week. Sounds rather hopeless. In fact, the only reason I've taken the time to write this update is due to reading week - I have a few days off of work and after taking it easy for the last couple of them, I finally have garnered the strength to pull up a blank document and type. I don't even know if anyone will read this actually *chuckles* because I've been so long absent from my blogging.
  All that being said, I can't guarantee any semblance of routine blogging in the future, dear reader. However, if you wish to immerse yourself a little more in my topsy-turvy world, you can always follow me on Twitter or Pinterest - I tend to make more normalized postings to either at any given time. And if I can be so bold as to dare hope a reader has stumbled across this post (which I've unashamedly uploaded to both my blogs, Hidden Doorways and The Minstrel Warrior), then perhaps they might have a suggestion as to what they would like to read more of - poetry? personal thoughts? life-related drama? q&a posts? book reviews? etc, etc, and so on and whatnot.

That's all I've got, folks - tally ho till next time!

Signed with a bronze leaf,
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