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February 4, 2016

In Which Exhaustion Prompts a Briefing

Dear readers,
I've had what appears to be the longest two days of the new year - I'm trying to read some review article on motoneurone recruitement and Henneman's "size principle" but my eyes keep glazing over. At this point, even coffee isn't helping. I can practically feel my muscles shaking with fatigue; perhaps I should have stayed home, but unfortunately I have to help run some labs this afternoon.

I've been keeping ridiculously busy, what with trying to publish a research article, finish writing my thesis, and prepare for a poster presentation at a conference. In addition I've also been trying to get involved with the new church we're attending. There's so much stuff going on and the children/youth ministry is bursting at the seams.

I think I've been running off pure adrenaline this week, which is starting to wear a little thin (I can tell because I've already corrected four easily-avoided spelling mistakes in the last two paragraphs). In any case, this is a perfunctory update and I assure you all I am very much alive still.

Before I depart (and I really shall try to avoid another long-winded disappearing act) I do have good news - I can't recall if I've already mentioned it though. I'm officially an author (albeit the seventh author on the list); who knew my first publication contribution would be scientific? I always did think I'd manage to hammer out a book or two before my research consumed the majority of my neural synapses. Now it looks like I'll have my first official publication (written chiefly by myself and my supervisor - and edited profusely for more than 6 months) within the next half-year.

In any case, I don't think I can manage another competent sentence right now, so I'll stop whilst my good standing can be maintained. Please don't hesitate to point out if I've missed a spelling error :)

Signed with coffee stains,


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