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February 14, 2016

Lovely Books // couples

I'm back with another of Tracey Dyck's installments of Lovely Books, this time it's a couples edition. I'm a big fan of in-tale romances working out the way you expect them to, perhaps with a little angst and turmoil mixed into the whole mess. In my link-up to Tracey's post, I'm going to give you 5 exemplary couples (ie. they are a true in-book pair, not an off-page ship). This is definitely not a be-all-end-all list so don't forget to check out the other link-ups as well as Tracey's original post! Enjoy :)

5 Exemplary Couples

Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase (from Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan)
Let's begin with the most PERFECT couple ever. Their romance started very slowly (just the way I like romances) over a huge series of books and I never once found it to be unbelievable or sappy (despite the fact that they were surrounded by a fantastical mythological world of creatures). I particularly love how Annabeth is a strong female character, but what's even more impressive than that is she's written by a male author. I can't count how many times I've read books by male authors where the female characters are one-dimensional weaklings, so Riordan's writing was a welcome reprieve in that aspect. Also, Percy and Annabeth are just simply adorable together; I actually think I have a crush on the guy - he's pretty impressive. 

Chris Buckley & Jocelyn Evans (from Solitary Tales by Travis Thrasher)
I honestly don't know what to classify this style of writing (paranormal thriller? deep theological existential fiction??); whatever it is, it is stunningly fantastic. In fact, all of Thrasher's teen-based series (Solitary Tales and Tales of Marvella) are absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. The romance between Chris & Jocelyn is one that will leave your heart shredded to elegant ribbons. It is beautiful, wild, and dangerous. They're one of my favourite couples *fangirls* and I must ever so strongly recommend you read the Solitary Tales. I first picked it up when I was 18 and I think I'll remain a huge fan of Thrasher's works for many years to come. Be forewarned though :) that's all I'll say on the matter.

Amy Fleming & Ty Borden (from Heartland by Lauren Brooke) 

Amy and Ty are a fantastic couple from the series Heartland. I was a little obsessed over these books at the age of 8; I still remember tugging my mom into the back of our local bookstore to see if any new additions had come out (scrutinizing the book spines for that magic sequential number). Perhaps the romance is a little trite (after all, it is a kids/pre-teen series) but I think I'm still enchanted by Ty; probably because he's a hard working farm boy (and if you know me, I admire all things country :P ).

Bracken & Rebecca (from Duncton Wood by William Horwood)
Animal romances <3 Bracken and Rebecca are both moles and they're a perfect match. The book is pretty much about life in English countryside as a mole; there are many dangers, but amidst tyranny and numerous plots to tear them apart, they still manage to end up back together. I don't know what's with me and heart-wrenching relationships; perhaps the more trials a character goes through the more believable their situation seems (after all, life isn't all cookies and warm cats, although we might wish it were). 

Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy (from Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen)
Everyone loves a good Victorian romance (especially me! I'm a huge Victorian era-anything fan after all), and Austen gives us the cream of the crop with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I've read Pride & Prejudice who knows how many times and seen all of the movie versions. Mr. Darcy is my absolute favourite male lead for Victorian lit. He's mysterious and yet still manages to be passionate in the end. If you haven't read the original Pride & Prejudice (no zombies here folks) then you're really missing out on a whole realm of literary experience.

That's all I have folks! Don't forget to link up over at Tracey's blog, Adventure Awaits :)

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  1. Okay, so I was shipping Percabeth before I even knew what shipping was. They are pretty much my OTP, and like, I just... *dies of feels*

    1. I know right! and when I found out there's like a whole section of cyberspace dedicated to the fan art I pretty much died of happiness <3 <3 <3 meep!

  2. Aww, you linked up again! Thanks! And what a great list this is. I'm sorry to say I have not yet read any of the Percy Jackson books, but I intend to. A friend of mine keeps telling me how great they are. :)

    Do my eyes deceive me? You put Chris and Jocelyn on the list? I have met maybe one or two people who've read The Solitary Tales, that's it. Hooray for finding another one! :D

    (Bracken is an adorable name, btw.)

    You saved the best for last, I see! XD I love Darcy and Lizzy so much! I almost almost almost included them in my post, actually. They have fabulous quotes.

    Awesome list, Squeaks!

    1. I just couldn't resist :P I haven't blogged in ages and your link-up is seriously the PERFECT thing for me right now :D

      And no! your eyes don't deceive you! I am a huge Travis Thrasher fan and I absolutely ADORE his Solitary Tales series (<3 <3 <3 ughhhh soo good). I know pretty much zero people in real life who've read his works, and I always try and tell people to GO READ HIS STUFF ASAP because he's such a hidden gem :D

      Meep! Yes, Mr. Darcy is my favourite *swoons* I think he's probably my #1 literary male crush of all time.

    2. I am SO glad that it came at a good time. :D

      He's a really under appreciated author. Solitary Tales is amazing. I actually think they helped influence my writing style a tiny bit. :) I haven't read the Marvella books yet. Are they good?

      Darcy would definitely go on my list of literary crushes too, if I had an actual list. XD

  3. So Percabeth is the only couple I've actually read but AHFDAJFSKDL I LOVE THEM SO MUCHA ND TOTALLY AGREE. They are amazing! Slow burn! Friendship first! Always there for each other! I ship them probably basically forever. <3 And Riordan is just basically one of the most greatest writers of ever. I love how he mixes epic characters with hysterical dialogue and awesome plot lines. :')

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Aaah yesss!! I adore them so much :D Also Leo and Calypso (mostly just Leo, because he's such a dear and so ridiculously loyal).
      I love Riordan's dialogue too - he's pretty fantastical :D

  4. Percy and Annabeth are the only couple I know on here, but OMG they are absolutely amazing and one of my favorite couples in YA. <3 I love how they balance each other out personality-wise. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    1. They are!! ugh, this makes me want to re-read (but I have such a daunting TBR right now that such a feat is currently I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E *cries*)


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