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April 28, 2016

Life Update: Squeaks' brain + my gorgeous (fat) horse + greedy cows

Dear reader (if there are any of you left at this point),

I promise I didn't leave again for good! My brain has been tied down for the last few months as I wrapped up and defended my Master of Science (MSc) thesis. I present to you the newest, latest Squeaks :)

So I've got my MSc now and life continues to advance at a horrifically fast pace. I'm officially (as of today) a PhD student. Why do I put myself through all this stress - honestly I don't know, but I really love science :P so it's not for nothing! I just rather dislike the whole let's-pump-out-the-projects-as-fast-as-your-scrawny-fingers-can-type aspect of things. Not to mention I really really really miss working on the farm in the spring/summer. There's something unnatural about being indoors, stuck at a desk, reading incredibly dry papers from the early 2000s on some far-removed electrical stimulation technique that you just might need to know about in the future :| I'd rather zap myself at this point than read another line of this dreadful material.

Speaking of the farm, I'm hoping this weekend I get to actually do some work around the place. The irrigation and fences need fixing, not to mention random bits of gardening and such. Plus the animals. I've started up an exercise routine with my (fat) horse - can't say whether he's enjoying it yet, but I love having the opportunity to be out in the fresh air for an hour or two.

Additionally, let's talk cows. We're hoping to send off a bunch of steers and bull calves to auction over the next month (probably). I haven't really seen much of our herd these last few months, usually because I've had my nose stuck in the folds of my computer, smashing out my thesis (which no one is every going to read front-to-back; sometimes I wonder if it was really worth all the tears and sweat and headaches, lol). In any case, our herd is up on the range at the moment; sometimes I see a bulbous eyeball or two when I drive in from work, but I haven't actually checked for new calves (or overly-pregnant cows).

So, that's on the checklist for this weekend: do a little bushwhacking and count the herd. I know our bull is still alive and healthy, because when I was coming home the other day he was standing there fat as a king, with his head draped over the barbed-wire fence eating grass from the neighbour's property :| and our grass is much nicer looking, so I think he's a little bit deluded.

I'm so looking forward to haying season this year. I can't wait to get out on the tractor for hours at a time. Trust me, it's a lot different from sitting at a desk. There's nothing like the hot sun soaking into your skin, the smell of fresh hay, the sound of the engine rumbling, that screech you make when you realize you broke the shear pin again :| (the bailer and I have a very rocky relationship at this point in our history; I think we've gone through 3 shear pins together over the years). Not to mention the joy of bouncing around on the scalding hot seat, gearing down around the corners, and trying to squelch the desire to race your sibling who's on the other tractor doing rounds in the opposite direction.

Ugh. I crave haying season so badly right now. I'll have to try and satisfy myself this weekend with fixing fences and picking rocks. Nothing like a good bit of back-breaking work while blasting Florida Georgia Line or Brad Paisley through your earbuds.

I think I've gone on a long enough rant about farm life (but I didn't even mention baby calves and bottle feeding and foamy milk beards!! *sniffles* there isn't enough time in the day for everything I want to talk about). My drab read titled, "Cortical and segmental excitability during fatiguing contractions of the soleus muscle in humans" is still awaiting my attentive gaze (I haven't even gotten through the methodology section yet *falls off theoretical cliff into an ocean of despair*).

If you read all of this, give yourself a small pat on the back and leave me a comment about your deepest summer wishes and dreams so we can both daydream about the perfect lives we'll never live :P Cheers to you, benevolent reader!

Signed with white-out,



  1. I LOVED THIS POST. I've never lived on a farm, so it's intensely interesting to me to get an inside peek like this. :') And omg good luck with your thesis and projects and the like...eeeep, they do sound stressful. But ultimately worth it hopefully?! And I hope you get the stuff you want to get done on your farm soon!
    My deepest summer wishes? Probably that it was summer. xD OKAY OKAY. I can't complain because it's being like 28C degrees, and it's May. So that's unusually warm. XDXD I also dream about taking a month of and writing 100% of the time, buuuut I doubt I will ever do that. I would probably burn myself to exhaustion anyway! BUT WE CAN DREAM YES.

    1. :D yay! Glad you enjoyed :) Farm life is pretty awesome (except for when you're chasing 500lb cows through the bush on foot, screeching like an owl because they won't go into the pen LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO).
      That is super warm! It's about 23C here (ish), which is also unusually warm. But oh my gosh, the sunshine is so delightful.
      *toasts to your dream of writing constantly* It might just be a dream for now, but it's a good one! At least the chance of you getting burned out dramatically decreases - and also, it gives your characters a little time to get up to mischief when you're not around to supervise...which makes stories just that much more interesting :P

  2. *waves* I'm still here!

    CONGRATS ON YOUR PHD! That's exciting news!

    I don't live on a farm, but this is making me want some country living right now. ^_^ And you have a horse! I'm a wee bit jealous! I was a typical preteen in that I was obsessed with horses then. The obsession has died off a fair bit, but I still would love to learn how to ride. (Apparently camp horses don't count. XD) Just the other day, I came bounding into the house, and exclaimed, "I just really want to go riding right now!" It was a totally random outburst--I think passing a calendar picture of a horse was the only inspiration--and my family pretty much ignored me. XD (They're used to my randomness.) But I really did have a strong, sudden urge to be on the back of a horse.

    Anyway. Summer dreams? Sunshine and actually getting a tan this year... Saving for college in the fall... Writing ALL THE THINGS (or really just making a sizable dent in my fantasy WIP, along with powering through a novella for the upcoming Rooglewood contest)... And more sunshine, if you please. :)

    1. Thanks!!! :D
      and Yay for horses! Camp horses count as 1/3 horse, because THEY ARE STILL HORSES (just really well trained, docile, and maybe a tad barn sour :P). You just gotta remember they've got soul and spunk buried under years of rascally camp kids. We actually have an old trail horse that we picked up at auction; she was one of the best riding horses ever (after she got used to the fact that she didn't have to follow her buddies around nose-to-tail).

      And YAY for summer dreams :D I wish tanning were as easy as the Californians make it look :| this year I feel like I'm SUPER white from being in the lab all the time.
      I'll be cheering you on for the Rooglewood contest! I've watched that thing since its initial birth and it's become one of my favourite contests to follow :P (never submitted anything to it though, mainly because I have no time). *sends you off with banner* REPRESENT!!! WOOP WOOP!!


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