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July 13, 2016

Omaha Beach by Adam Young // FIVE STARS TIMES INFINITY!!!

Normally I'm right on the mouse as soon anything new from Owl City/Adam Young comes up, because let's face it... he's amazing. However, I admit I was pretty behind (like over a whole MONTH behind) on picking up Omaha Beach (which is entirely FREE, yo! Just log-in on his Scores website, which I've linked to the album name, and it's yours to download). 

Now I know some folks aren't into the whole "scores" thing, what with it being more orchestral music/documentary type, etc. However, that aside, I think every person who has a love for history and an appreciation for what our soldiers did for us on Omaha Beach will really be touched by this short album. It honestly feels like a story without words - it is amazing

I don't know how he does it, but Adam really came through on this score. In my opinion, he truly managed to capture the emotion of this historical event. I had chills just listening to it. Some of the tracks are especially powerful (for me it was Seasick, On the Beach, and Bloody Omaha). It has a similar vibe to the Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack (which is also fantastic and one of my favourite film scores). 
In 1944, after years of planning, the Allies launched an invasion upon Nazi Germany and converged on the coast of France, beginning the reclamation of occupied Europe. In anticipation, Hitler fortified German defenses in hopes of countering the Allies and driving them back into the sea. What the Allies didn't know as they stepped onto the shores of Europe was that Hitler was waiting for them. The ensuing battle was gruesome. At a place codenamed Omaha Beach, hundreds of Americans fought and died for the freedom of others, and it is the memory of these men that I want to honor with this album. This is my interpretation of what occurred that fateful day in 1944 on Omaha Beach. -- Adam Young
If you haven't had a chance to listen to this score yet, I would highly recommend it - like 5 stars times infinity recommend it. I'm not often one to get chills from music, but this album had my skin crawling (in a good way!). 

If you're not familiar with what happened on Omaha Beach in 1944 (D-Day might ring a bell) then take a gander through the following resources to learn a little more about this historical event where hundreds of men gave their lives for us.

If you'd like to listen to Adam Young's Omaha Beach score, you can do that by visiting his website here (again folks, it's a free download, made possible by Adam's wonderful generosity to us!) or just hit the play button on the youtube box below :) Thanks for reading!!

Signed with Remembrance,

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