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--1 June 2018--

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March 12, 2017

Tag :O - One Lovely Blog Award - 7 Facts About Me

I never do tags (not since 2009 I think, back when I was a small bean). Those of you who have been with me from the turn of the decade know these things. Yet what does my title say? WOT?! Who unleashed this madness? Before we get into the heft of it (and before you scold me for starting my sentence with a preposition) I must tell you a few things.

  1. Thing 1 - I have been terribly busy - so busy that I have barely enough time to sleep before I needs be busy again. Such is life. 
  2. Thing 2 - I have been unbearably sullen. I promise, I do try not to be sullen, but sometimes the business gets in between my ears and I become a dark little raincloud, bustling to and fro between my Things that I do. 
  3. Thing 3 - Part of that business is writing academic papers. The droll of this particular Type of writing tends to vacuum dust into my head and I end up spouting facts to myself that I don't really truly want to know. Facts that will turn me into an old, rusty bucket. 
  4. Thing 4 - I have been absent from this blog (obviously <-- duh) because I have very little energy after all these Things have taken their due. 
Why am I even bothering to do a tag - A TAG, I never do tags - on this briefest of brief breaks from my business with all the Things? Well - I will enlighten you. It was this, stare at my dead social media, or cry tears of stress into my bedsheets and so obviously I picked the better of the three. 

That being said - I give you this gangly little tag, wherein I tell you 7 facts about me and we all leave here happy as a baby coconut. This dear coconut-inducing tag has been brought to you by the daring of Tracey Dyck over at Adventure Awaits (yes dear your name is in extra large font because the master poster can choose such things :) that is all). Let's give her a round of applause for unsuspectingly waking the sleeping dragon (or lethargic, comatose dragon... take your pick). You shake your hands and I'll shake mine. Deal? Fantastic. Now let's unbother ourselves with more stuff. 

[Tag] One Lovely Blog Award - 7 Facts About Me
  1. In terms of clothes, I abhor the colours orange and yellow (but still own some t-shirts like that??!! WHY!) and much prefer dark or muted forest-y tones. Mostly I just love blue. 
  2. On that same vein of thought, I used to have atrocious style as a teenager (dear lord) and would often go around dressed something akin to a motherless hippie child living out of a grandmother's tickle trunk. My mother did often try to suggest otherwise. There was one year in particular where I decided to use glitter glue to decorate my eyebrows... who ever thought that was a good idea. 
  3. I used to (and still do) think it admirable to read the books that people complain about - claiming they're impossible to understand - simply so I can know in my heart that I still have that knack for literature. (isn't this a horrible thing? it has led me to many fantastic discoveries though :P so my win, their loss)
  4. Most people think I'm between 16-18 years old and that I'm still in highschool *pats heads affectionately* that's adorable. 
  5. I have 2 non-intentional stick-n-poke tattoos from accidentally getting stabbed (or stabbing myself) with a pen. 
  6. I'm an extroverted introvert - I may seem outgoing in public, but I am truly a tired, lonely little penguin who likes to sit in silence, read books, and cuddle my cats. 
  7. One of my biggest everyday goals is to ensure no one gets left out and no one feels under-appreciated. 

Grief, child, looks like we got a little deep there - alrighty. Well, I've promptly run out of steam. I would really love to just sleep now, but it's still much too early for that nonsense. I was also going to add a nice picture to this post, but after 15min of not finding anything suitable it shall remain purely word-ridden *rolls eyes* pinterest, you have failed me. 

So anyhow..
Should I return to blogging? What do you guys think (if anybody is left reading this mishmash of words)? 

Signed with a breathe, 

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