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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

The Fellowship

July 26, 2017

Excerpts from My Secret Book ;) + Other Writing Projects

Those of you who don't live inside my brain (let's be real though --> population = 0, aside from my humble self) are likely unaware that I actually attempted NaNo in 2016. Even fewer of those non-existent beings are aware that my word count for the novel I started hovers around a modest 30,064 words. *gasps* yes, I actually wrote that much non-science-related-hullabaloo :D isn't that awesome?! Plus, I had the chance to research exciting things like stab wounds, poison, herbal medicine, most efficient way to clean mud off wood, and embellishing character snark to epic proportions :)

So, I picked up the plot again (after a good long break), tangled it around in my fingers, and recently decided to continue writing. However, we all know writers need some accountability (heaven knows I certainly do - I can barely keep up with all my academic prospects let alone my high-fantasy ones). Ergo, I decided to dangle a few morsels in front of my readership and you can tell me* whether you like it or hate it :)
*this is very important in helping me decide whether to continue my impish path, summon my wretchedly lazy muse, and write more...OR gather up every last word onto a usb, treck that long and hopeless path that leads through Cirith Ungol, and throw said usb into Mordor's molten fiery pit of Mt Doom*

Without further ado, let me introduce you to a couple characters: 

Larkin Aariana Tetraelinor
Yes, sticking with the horrifically long, nearly unpronounceable fantasy character names (at least she wasn't an elf; we all know that would have been much worse - don't glare at me), this is the female MC. Thin-lipped, flushed and freckled cheeks...we've got ourselves a hot tempered Scottish lass with curly red-brown hair and sea green eyes. [pauses - I feel like I'm the magic mirror announcing the princess line-up to Lord Farqaad from Shrek...okaaaay, not thinking about that right now, let's move on]. She's witty, snarky, and wonderful (I'm so glad to be her author...yeee!!). Her father, Gaelinius Oraculin Tetraelinor, is High Skeptic presiding over Skeldrig Castle and the surrounding region of Skeldrigton. He's married to Lady Shaeleis Tetraelinor - a noble by birth and Larkin's mother. Larkin isn't like the other ladies of the court. She wants adventure; she longs to sail the high seas, beat up a bear with a staff, and eat twice her weight in pastries - unfortunately for her, she's daughter of the High Skeptic and therefore barely ever escapes her social duties at the castle (which she loathes). 


Wyn (Winnie) Loric
What would a story be without a dashing male MC? (wow, that rhymed) Enter Winnie, handsomely tall man with chocolate brown hair, vibrant blue eyes (the kind that don't seem like they should exist but they actually do exist because I SAW these eyes* whilst standing in line for a roller coaster once - many years ago - and promised myself I would write them over and over again until I perfected them). He's a lanky, witty fellow (well whaddya know - must get along smashingly with Larkin *winks*), born to a moderately high class family. He's the reason we have this story...because he dragged trouble home after a stupidly foolish chain of decisions he made while off adventuring in the east. 
*eyes not pictured in the artwork above...because 1) No one has offered up fan art to this glorious plot yet and, 2) No artist appears to have unbeknownstly encapsulated the beauty of Winnie - at least, none that my long searches have uncovered*

Duch Scathanna
The Irish literal translation comes out as ink shadows*; the Duch Scathanna are a hidden order of individuals that guard the secrets and lives of the draiochti, or those gifted with magic (another fancy Irish word). They're a society of scribes, book-tenders, and Robin-Hood-esque assassins; they divvy out judgement and mercy as prescribed by the laws of their land. Terrifyingly fascinating, if I must say so myself. 
*they are not squid*


A sharp cough roused Larkin from her musings and brought her back to the present circumstance. Her lashes fluttered up and found the stifling group of noble ladies weakly dispersing throughout the room. Winnie still lounged against the wall with his cider, the contours of his face handsomely lit by the flickering glow of candlelight. His hair had grown long over his last adventure, and it framed his face softly, down to his shoulders - nut brown warmth with the secret tones of red hidden like treasure. He caught her eyes with his own and held them a moment before breaking into one of his characteristically charming grins.


The night hung about her like a fine wine, laced up by the mystery of the heavens that stretched out in suspension somewhere impossibly far above.


A shaft of moonlight twirled down through a window, hazed a little by dust on the glass. Not many used this stairway, and no one was on it now but for the shadow. It edged across a short landing towards the beam and then, without a single pause of hesitation, it was in the moonlight. It stood there a moment, and in that time seemed to drink the falling light with its eyes. Those terrible, terrible eyes were the only part of its flesh that lay visible (had there been anyone to see it, but of course, there wasn't). Surrounded by the purest black fabric, which seemed as if to suck the light into a deep emptiness, those eyes stood out like beams from the moon itself. They were horrible - the brightest white, with absolute milky irises. But the shadow was not blind; it blinked its pale eyelids and soft white lashes fluttered down against the blackness that covered its cheeks. 
And then it was gone - swiftly slinking out of the moonlight and up the next flight of stairs. Its feet as silent as the air that straddles the clouds.


"Of course, but my arms might fall off if I try another cliff again." 
"Then you clearly need to work them more, what good are arms if they don't do the things you need them to do?"
Winnie coughed, the air was a little dustier here and Bruic had kicked some up in his shuffling through the passage, "Yes, mine seem to work perfectly fine when it comes to reaching for more dollopcakes."
Bruic groaned, "Don't speak of those here - just listening to the sound of their name makes me feel fat and bloated. The cavern will close in on us and leach the last remnant of our dinner from our bones."
They both laughed; it was a good distraction from their cramped environment.


The watcher stalked to the edge of the rampart and stared down at Winnie; his cloak rippled red against deep black as he raised an arm in greeting. 
"Mind opening one of these blasted doors?" he shouted up.
"Name, business, and papers must first be processed at the guardhouse before you.."
"Winnifred sphere's-begotten Loric you blind rat!" he shouted angrily, "I'm here on emergency for Her Ladyship Shaeleis Tetraelinor and I haven't any papers. Unless, of course, you want me to run all the bloody way back to my father's house to get them. I might bring him along as well for good measure!" 
His heart was racing furiously by the time he'd finished and he felt his neck flush with anger. The watcher's helm sharply glinted in the sunlight - fine silver with a solemn plume of black feather, fanning boldly in the breeze.


"And what sort of things and hearings are you asking after?"
A quiet bubbling of whispers passed among the more distant tables - the barmaid had disappeared again, probably to load up more plates with eggs, seeing as some men were still unserved.
"Well, the sort o'things that y'don't norm'lly hear an' such." Giffer knocked back a long, noisy draught from his mug. Pipp had started back towards the curtain, but Giffer slammed down his mug with a belch.
"Y'know - stabby things."


There you have it, dear readers - excerpts from my unnamed masterpiece <3 I do adore it immensely, I admit. Perhaps I'll share some more tidbits with you in the future, but for now those above shall have to tide you over. If you have questions about the plot or characters (or just questions in general) leave them in the comments below :) 

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