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--1 June 2018--

Quote: Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest of hearts. --Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

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May 11, 2018

The Mirror - {A Poem}

Sometimes life is going along great and then out of nowhere you practically get clubbed over the head by stuff you've already dealt with. In this particularly case, I felt rather prompted to write a poem :) the product of this endeavour is below. I hope it speaks to you as much as it spoke to me.



I was brought to this mirror, not by my own will
And I know he who brought me had thought this a thrill.
I tried not to look, for I knew what I’d see
But as time slowly passed, it proved stronger than me.
I took but a glance, just one lift of an eye,
And I thought I might win, but the mirror was spry.
It snatched up my eyes and it forced me to gaze
To behold what I’d been, from the paths I had blazed.
So I stood there, I shivered, I shuddered and wept
And the longer I looked, the deeper it crept.
It showed me the horrors of who I had been
Of what I had done, all the marks of my sin.
And the longer I looked, the more my skin itched
I felt useless and ugly and fully bewitched.

The mirror would have kept on its villainous ways
If the door hadn’t opened and cut through the haze
The sun poured in sharply and shattered the gloom
And I wrested my eyes off the face in that tomb.
A shadow passed over the sun shining in
And a Voice called out softly through all of the din.
“What are you doing, my beautiful child?
Why are you gazing upon the defiled?
Come, step away from the mirror now, quick!
It means you harm and would see you fall sick.”
So I forced myself first to take one step, then two
And hastily there I completely withdrew
And the further I stepped out away from the mirror
I found the Voice sounded softer and nearer.

“There you go, come to Me,” He spoke once again
And I looked and I saw it was Him – my true Friend.
He smiled and He opened His arms very wide
And I found myself rushing to get to His side.
He fully embraced me; held fast to His chest
I felt His relief - but softly, He stressed:
“I told you to never look into that glass,
It only can hurt you with thoughts of your past.
I called you forgiven and now you are clean,
Why would you go back to the way it had been?”

I shuddered and sniffled and tried not to cry,
“I’m sorry, he forced me – I didn’t think why.
I tried not to look, but the thoughts were too heavy
The pull of the mirror was painful and steady.
I thought it would pass if I just had a glance…
If I gave what it wanted, but it held me entranced.
I couldn’t stop looking, I was rooted in place
And it forced me to see how I’m such a disgrace.”

My Friend hugged me tighter and bent to my ear
He whispered so softly, so loving, so dear,
“I know how the pull of the mirror is strong
But to look isn’t helpful, it deadens your song.
You must sing through the hellfire, the brimstone, and knives.
You must sing until you can feel help has arrived.
And you know I’ll come quick – I’ll be there in a blink
I’ll be faster than fast and I’ll stand on the brink
Because with Me you’re stronger and with Me you’re fierce
And your song has the power to thoroughly pierce
To pierce through the haze of the mirror’s distortions
That lie to your face and inflate past proportions.
We’ll sing to the wind so it carries our song;
As our harmonies meld we will shatter the wrong
We’ll set up memorials for victories past
All the times we broke out of a horde that was vast.

"You know what I speak of, we fought there together –
Your song and My song were strong through that weather.
Don’t let yourself worry he led you this way
And he forced you to look till you fell in dismay.
He’s always out hurting and harming My friends –
He hates you and wishes you’d meet a dark end.
But look – look at me,” He said with a grin,
“I am stronger and wiser and I always win.
I will give you the courage you need to resist
And when he tries again, you’ll just say he’s dismissed.
Don’t be shy or embarrassed to pull out your sword,
That’s not overreacting when he sends his horde.
My Word is alive; it’s the sharpest blade ever
And it will defeat him – it triumphs forever.
Do you think you can do that, for Me? Can you try?
Can you put on a brave face and shout to the sky?
Let’s raise up a war call and shatter that thing
Let’s lift up our voices - let victory ring!”

And with that He raised up a hand to my face
And wiped away tears that had dampened that space
Then He pulled back and, smiling, He passed me my sword
I took it and breathed out, feeling swiftly restored.
Then I turned and I grimaced once again at the mirror
And I felt the soft tickle of fear edging nearer.
But I raised up that blade till it swallowed my view
And the words there, engraved in its fuller, shone true.

In step, both together, my Friend and I charged
Our voices went forward – with power they barged
They barged though the doorway; flew straight through the room
They shattered that darkness and dispelled the gloom.
Agreeing together, they covered the mirror
And promptly their truth made the images clearer.
The lies molted off like a snake sheds its skin
All the hate and abuse that was magicked within
It dripped to the ground as a black residue
Now the brightened reflection was the me that I knew.

I felt my soul lift as a smile grew in place
And I turned to report to my Friend my true face.
But in turning I realized I was alone
Though the air shimmered brightly, feeling warm and well-known.
In the emptiness standing there, still as a tree,
I could just hear the remnant of laughter set free
And the warmth in my heart grew immense and white-hot
So I knew He was close, though my eyes saw Him not.

Then I turned, with my sword safely tucked by my thigh,
And I left that old room, now renewed – purified.
I stepped out in the sunlight that glowed through the leaves,
All the crisp smelling life that blew by on the breeze -
And I turned my gaze outwards to uncharted land
Where I knew I was called, for a quest truly grand.
So I set off on foot, all armed to the teeth
A warmth in my heart and my sword in its sheath.
To the faraway lands I will go, I will hunt,
I will take down the enemy on my battlefront.
The victory: won, but the battles we brave
Though we know how things ends, there’s still wounded to save.



Signed with a silent smile,

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