News: Since April of last year I have managed to accomplish several monumental things in my studies, but I update you now to tell you that three nights ago I had the best sleep since I last visited my aunt's house (years ago) and probably will never have another good sleep like it for years to come *nods sagely*.

--12 March 2017 --

Quote: I really dislike how glasses slide down your nose impetuously when you're glaring down at your unfinished work. -Me

The Fellowship

Contact Me + Review Requests

You can contact me, Squeaks, at the following email address:


I currently go by the pen name Mackenzie Lockhart; feel free to email me at any time! I love to hear from my readers, although I cannot guarantee an immediate response :)

Review Requests: If you are an author or publisher interested in having me review a book, please note the following and contact me at the email address listed above.

  • Book Format: All formats are welcome (hard-copy/ARC, ebook/DRC) with the exception of audiobooks. 
  • Self-Published/Indie-Published authors are welcomed! However, as with all requests, I reserve the right to say no. 
  • Broad Genres: You'll land a better chance of scoring a review if the genre of your book is fantasy, sci-fi, or YA fiction.
  • Specific Genres: I will not review paranormal books - this includes topics dedicated to the discussion of witchcraft, vampires, or werewolves (think Twilight Series and The Mortal Instruments Series *cringes*). 
Publicity: If you're looking for a little publicity, shoot me an email! I'm always interested in discussing the release of author/blogger guest posts/interviews. 

Beta-Reader: I am currently not accepting requests to take on a beta-reader position. 


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